Georges Malleroni offers you a selection of Purebreed Lusitano Horses and Cruzado Portugues horses that are for sale

All our sales horses are carefully selected on the following important criteria:

Lusitanos with good temperament and character, rideability, correct movements and soundness.

We do not only offer our horses for sale, but do also add our clients true value in providing you our service in placing horses that are for sale. We are connected to a network of Lusitano breeders, owners, riders and trainers that can help you finding your «dream» horse.

We can offer you a selection of horses for sale in all price classes and on all training levels, from the lesure horse up to the competitive sports horse ? do not hesitate to contact us!

Lusitano Selection 2010


6-year old Purebreed Lusitano gelding by "Mosaico"

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